Ice Cream

We change our flavor offerings often in order to provide a perfectly sweet selection for you!
Call ahead to inquire about current flavor options. Flavors may vary by location.

Consistent Flavor


A creamy smooth, pure chocolate ice cream



Consistent Flavor

Rush Hour

Coffee ice cream with creamy, caramel swirl, and chocolate-coffee candy chips

Consistent Flavor

Moose Tracks

Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks® Fudge

*Select items now available for delivery in Blacksburg only! Learn more.

Consistent Flavor

Michigan Pot Hole

Thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt

Consistent Flavor

Sea Turtle

Sea-salt caramel ice cream and salty caramel swirl, with chocolate-caramel turtles swimming about

Amaretto Cherry
Anniversary Cake
Apple Crisp
Bake Shoppe
Bear Claw
Black Cherry
Blueberry Burst
Butter Pecan
Carolina Peach
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Cookie Dough
Cookie Jar
Cool Mint Cookie
Cotton Candy Twist
Cow Tippin’
Egg Nog
Eskimo Kisses

Ice Cream


Jacked Up Tennessee Toffee
Lemon Cheesecake Bar
Lemon Sorbet
Marion Blackberry
Michigan Pot Hole
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mocha Almond Fudge
Moose Tracks
Nana’s Banana Puddin’
Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding
Orange Sherbet
Peanut Butter Bull’s Eye
Play Dough
Pumpkin Pie Supreme
Rainbow Sherbet
Raspberry Chip Cheesecake
Raspberry Rendesvous
Raspberry Sorbet
Rush Hour
Salty Jack
Sea Turtle
Sicilian Orange Sorbet
Strawberry Cheesecake
Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie
Unicorn Stars
Vanilla Bean
Yellow Cake Batter
Butter Pecan (No Sugar Added)
Chocolate Moose Tracks (No Sugar Added)
Country Apple (No Sugar Added)

Ice Cream


Kiddie Cup or Cone
Single Cup or Cone
Double Cup or Cone
Triple Cup
Root Beer Float
Ice Cream Nachos
Sundae Bar To-Go
Add-On: Cake Cone or Sugar Cone
Add-On: Waffle Cone
Add-On: Sprinkles (Chocolate, Rainbow, Hokie)
Add-On: Whipped Cream

Ice Cream


Chocolate Sauce
Whipped Cream
Strawberry Sauce
Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Chips
Cookie Crumbles
Gummy Bears
Chocolate Sprinkles

Seasonal Beverages

Hot Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Cinnamon
White Chocolate Cinnamon
Whipped Cream, Marshmallows, Milk Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips, Peppermint Chips, Sprinkles, Cocoa Powder, Nutmeg Powder, and Cinnamon Powder
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